Our Feather Clothing Company accepts Canadian Native Status cards for tax exemption on qualifying CUSTOM BULK or WHOLESALE orders. 

Because our shop is based online we DO NOT offer tax exempt to individual customer orders.



Sales over the telephone, Internet and other electronic means

“Vendors who make sales to Indians, Indian bands or band-empowered entities over the telephone or electronically must also maintain documentary evidence to show that the sale is relieved of tax. Since Indians cannot show their original status card or TCRD, and Indian bands and band-empowered entities cannot provide appropriate certification, when they make a purchase over the telephone or electronically, the CRA has taken the position that, to support their entitlement for tax relief, purchasers may subsequently provide a photocopy of their status card or TCRD (for Indians) or certification (for Indian bands or band-empowered entities) by mail or electronically (e.g., over the internet or by facsimile)” (

“When sales are made to Indians or bands, maintaining documentary evidence is only one of the conditions that must be met in order for the Indians and bands to receive relief of the GST/HST. The remaining conditions in TIB B-039 must also be met at the time of the sale. For example, if a vendor is located off a reserve and an Indian customer makes online purchases, tax relief is not available unless the goods are delivered to a reserve by the vendor or vendor's agent.” (


Eligibility Requirements (all 4 must be true):

  1. You are purchasing a wholesale order or bulk order.
  2. You are the holder of a valid Status Card.
  3. Your shop or residence is located on a reserve.
  4. The product(s) MUST be shipped to a location on a reserve.

If you meet these requirements:

Contact us via email AANII@OUREFATHER.COM and let us know you wish to make an order (wholesale or custom bulk order) and that you meet tax exemption requirements.