Who we are

Our Feather Clothing Company (OFCC) was founded by an Ojibwe man named Mitch Gegwetch (He is a member of Sagamok First Nation). Our company is operated by Indigenous people from several cultures.

Our brand is for anyone who supports Indigenous culture, whether you are Indigenous or Non-Indigenous, you are welcome to shop here and support our brand.



What we do

Our mission is to build an authentic Native clothing brand that embraces Indigenous culture. We do this by crafting designs that reflect our collective history, traditions, humor and our promising future.

We also operate 'in a good way' by sharing our profit with Indigenous charities that protect and uplift our Indigenous Communities. Each year after expenses and operation costs, we donate any excess to Indigenous charities. (This can be anywhere from 10-20%)

Why we do it

OFCC (Our Feather Clothing Company) strives to disavow appropriation, uplift our Indigenous communities and Inspire the next generation to embrace all aspects of our culture; modern and old ways alike. We fuse Indigenous culture with street-wear to create one-of-a-kind designs that you can be proud to show off.

We believe that self reflection through art, style and expression is one of many ways we can reclaim our heritage and innovate how we express our creative spirit to the world. Our brand brings Indigenous style and creativity to the mainstream fashion scene through street wear that is vibrant and expressive.

We provide a place to buy authentic “Native made” designs instead of those knock-off Indigenous art and native inspired designs you find at big box stores and through fake shops online. 





First Nations believe that if you are going through a hard time or a problem and a feather appears along your path. The spirit that dwells within the flyer of that feather will come to you to provide support, guide you through your hardships and protect you from harm.

In most Indigenous cultures a feather transmits strength. It gives us the ability to speak honestly and from the heart without hurt or anger. The middle vain in the feather symbolizes the path that everyone walks in their life, and every barb along the middle vain symbolizes the choices we are presented throughout our lifetime.

A feather has many meanings throughout various Indigenous cultures, so what does it mean to you?